We are proud to manage a mix of built-to-suit, dedicated, multi-user warehouse spaces covering 20 lakh square feet area with state-of-the-art technologies for improved productivityand efficiency at multiple locations in India. Our system runs on a structured process flow for each sub-operation, for tracking metrics. Technologies like Clean Sheet for process wise manpower requirement, layout optimiser for optimising layouts, Knap Sack for optimal storage pattern analysis and customised MHEs are used on a regular basis across the network.

Our services include

Storage Management

    Space optimisation, in-store travel optimisation and configurable load setting.

Inventory Control

    Item-wise, location-wise inventory control with traceability,recall capability, ageing analysis,
    perpetual cycle count

Order Management

    Bar code based location and item management to deliver on time

Import freighting and customs clearance

Container movement from port to warehouse